About Consumers for Accessible ride Services (CARS))

Mission Statement

The mission of CARS is to serve as an informed advocate for accessible transportation for people with disabilities in the Baltimore metropolitan area. This committee addresses systemic issues and works proactively to improve publicly operated and regulated transportation services by providing advice and recommendations to state agencies and officials responsible for transportation policy and planning; and also by working as advocates with Disability Rights Maryland (DRM). The committee also works to promote and strengthen public knowledge regarding accessible transportation options and rider rights.

CARS Officers

The following members are the current officers in charge of the committee.

  • Chairman, Michael Gerlach
  • Vice-Chairman, Floyd hartley
  • Secretary, May Robinson

Some of CARS Accomplishments

  • Assisted in expansion of pick up and drop off areas at BWI Airport.
  • Assisted Mobility riders who were having trouble navigating the application and certification process.
  • Procured services for several Mobility riders who were not aware of what services they were entitled to under the ADA.
  • Provided testimony on behalf of the public at MTA hearings in Annapolis .
  • Met with local disability organizations such as The League for People with Disabilities Blind Industries and Services of Maryland (BISM) and the national Federation of the Blind (NFB) to listen to the concernes of those who use paratransit.
  • Meet on a regular basis with Mobility management to bring the concerns of the riders of the above mentioned organizations, as well as all other riders to their attention.


CARS is a committee made up of approximately 17 close knit members. Over the past few years, several of our close friends and committee colleagues have lost their battles due to different medical issues.

The following four members were an integral part of our success. We would be remiss if we did not acknowledge them for their contributions to the committee and for their strength in the neverending quest to make the paratransit system here in Baltimore better.



Rest in peace dear friends and thank you so much for all your hard work and friendship. You are all greatly missed.

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We would like to thank Disability Rights Maryland (DRM) for partnering with CARS and for all the great support they provide. If you need legal assistance in any disability matters, they can be contacted at: Disability Rights Maryland | 1500 Union Avenue | Baltimore, MD 21211 | Phone 410-727-6352 | Fax 410-727-6389 | www.disabilityrightsmd.org