Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to regular questions that may give you some guidance on the basics of what you may need to know about Mobility and CARS.

+ What is MTA Mobility?

+ Who is eligible to use Mobility?

+ Are there different types of eligibility?

+ What if I live outside the service area, can I still apply for Mobility?

+ What is a functional assessment?

+ Do I need any type of documentation when I go for Certification?

+ How will I know when I have been certified for Mobility?

+ What can I do if I am denied service?

+ What happens when my Mobility ride is more than 30 minutes late?

+ How early is MTA allowed to get me to an appointment?

+ Is Call-A-Ride (CAR) an ADA required service?

+ If I am travelling, can I use paratransit systems in other cities?

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We would like to thank Disability Rights Maryland (DRM) for partnering with CARS and for all the great support they provide. If you need legal assistance in any disability matters, they can be contacted at: Disability Rights Maryland | 1500 Union Avenue | Baltimore, MD 21211 | Phone 410-727-6352 | Fax 410-727-6389 |