CARS Podcast

In an effort to get the word out to as many people as we can, we are utilizing social media and the medium of podcasting to further expand our message.

CARS is happy to announce that it has started recording shows that will be available here on our website for you to download. These shows will cover all aspects of mass transit and paratransit. we will bring you new episodes that will address different aspects of travelling and maneuvering through the transit system. We will also talk with other CARS members to get their input, transit experts, and you, the riders, to address your questions and concerns.

If you have a topic that you would like for us to cover, please contact us with your idea and we will take it into consideration.

Taking It One Trip At A Time

Here is the list of shows for you to enjoy. We welcome all comments.

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We would like to thank Disability Rights Maryland (DRM) for partnering with CARS and for all the great support they provide. If you need legal assistance in any disability matters, they can be contacted at: Disability Rights Maryland | 1500 Union Avenue | Baltimore, MD 21211 | Phone 410-727-6352 | Fax 410-727-6389 |