For thousands of disabled travelers in Maryland, public transportation and paratransit services are essential to their everyday life. Unfortunately, these services do not always fulfill the requirements set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Listed below are the rights that are afforded you as a Mobility paratransit rider. If you find that any of these rights are violated, follow the instructions at the bottom of this page to file a complaint. Your complaints help us bring attention to your concerns!

Door-to-Door Policy

Drivers should:

Driver DOs and DON'Ts

Drivers should:

Drivers cannot:

No Shows

You have the right to challenge a no-show on your record. The following are some valid reasons for missing a ride:


When making a reservation over the phone:

If you experience longer than normal hold times, please contact CARS.

MTA may offer you a pick-up time that is one hour before or after your requested time, but must consider your earliest pick-up time or latest arrival time. If you cannot leave before a certain time, MTA can only offer pick-up times up to one hour after your requested time.

Example: You tell MTA you can leave work at 5:00pm, MTA may offer you a pick-up between 5:00pm and 6:00pm. � MTA must offer you a ride that will get you to your location on time and no more than 30 minutes before the start of your appointment.

MTA should call you when the vehicle has arrived. If you do not receive these calls, contact Mobility customer service to make sure the number where you want to receive these calls is on file as your primary phone number. As a good rule, give MTA only one number, preferably your cell number, for them to contact you. This eliminates any possible miscommunication.

Travel Time

Your Mobility ride should not be longer than travel time on the bus, light rail or metro. Include the amount of time it would take to walk to the stop, wait for the bus, light rail or metro, transfer if necessary, and walk from the stop to your destination. This will help you determine what your travel time on Mobility should be. Where they strive to only have riders be on a vehicle for only one hour, this is a courtesy gesture and some rides may take longer since it is a shared ride service.

Filing a Complaint

If you think MTA Mobility has violated your rights as a transit rider:

  1. Note the date and time of the incident
  2. Report the problem to MTA at: 410-764-8181, option 8. Make sure you get a Feedback Number.
  3. Report the problem to CARS Baltimore at: 443-585-CARS (2277) or

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We would like to thank Disability Rights Maryland (DRM) for partnering with CARS and for all the great support they provide. If you need legal assistance in any disability matters, they can be contacted at: Disability Rights Maryland | 1500 Union Avenue | Baltimore, MD 21211 | Phone 410-727-6352 | Fax 410-727-6389 |